A. Michael Leahy
1933 - 2010
Combat Art    by A. Michael Leahy
Retired USMCR helicopter crew chief, pilot and combat artist...

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"Combat art is about people in war; the values and virtues that people believe are worth living and dying for. It is a testament to the living, and to those who have died. Combat art is a channel for memories of those who have served in harm's way. It passes values down from one generation to another, and another..."

"Combat art tells of our deepest feelings such as: "We held fast to a set of standards and values that was worth anything we had to endure. This is how we spent a part of our lives... It was worth it."

"Combat art reduces things to bare essentials… like the virtue most highly valued by men in combat... Just keeping the faith with each other!"



bulletMarine OneVH-3D helicopter from HMX-1 leaving the White House landing area.  A commemorative color print marking the 60th anniversary of the Marine Corps' first helicopter squadron.  A print from a watercolor painting.  Image Size 16x20." 

Full sized, ( 22" x 28" ) full color lithographs, numbered consecutively and individually signed by the artist. No more than the indicated number of prints in edition will be issued. ARTIST'S PROOFS are the first 50 prints off the press, checked for quality before the remainder are printed. When a REMARQUE is ordered, the artist adds a small, highly personal 2" x 3" sketch directly into the margin, usually related to the subject matter. This in effect turns it into an "original" piece of art. Each Limited Edition Print, Proof or Remarqued print is provided with its own Certificate of Authenticity, attesting to the legitimacy of the buyer's purchase. Sent in tubes, ready for framing.
bullet Emergency Extract : A VMO UH-1E rescues several wounded Marines while under fire from a low ridge near the Rockpile in Vietnam.  Not only signed and numbered by the artist, but also signed by the Huey helicopter pilot pictured, former Captain Alan H. Barbour USMC. Edition of 525 prints, with 50 artist's proofs.
bulletVietnam: Hot Recon Team Extract : Red Lion UH-34s of HMM-363 pull a Marine Recon Team out of a hot landing point along a ridge in Elephant Valley, I Corps, RVN. Edition of 950 prints, with 50 artist's proofs.
bulletGunner's Lot : UH-1E gunships chase a UH-34D medevac helo over the Marble Mountains near Da Nang RVN. Edition of 450 prints, with 50 artist's proofs.


Mid-sized ( 11" x 17" ) black and white lithographs, numbered consecutively and individually signed by the artist. No more than the indicated number of prints in the edition will be issued.
bulletThe Cost Was High : November 1967, in the Hai Lang Forest, south of Quang Tri, during Operation Medina. Delta Co. 1/1 skipper reflects on his unit's coming to the aid of an ambushed brother company, in the dense piedmont. Edition of 190 prints with 10 artist's proofs.


Full-sized, full color prints virtually indistinguishable from the original art. 
(some original art* available) Contact artist for prices and details.
bullet Cpl William T. Perkins Awarded MOH : Marine Corps Photographer lost his life in Vietnam saving five buddies when he leaped upon an enemy grenade during Operation Medina, Oct. 12th 1967. 
bulletDeep Recon At A Shau : A CH-46 from HMM-164 pulls out a recon team under fire near A Shau Valley during 1968. Watercolor: 22x28" (image 18x24).
bullet Rockpile Resupply: UH-34s provide supplies and replacement troops to an outpost high up on the Rockpile, just south of the DMZ. Print from an oil painting. Size 22x28, image size 18x24.
bulletGuardian Angel: A UH-1E gunship provides cover for a CH-46 recon team insert near Antenna Valley, SW of Danang.  Watercolor: 22x28 (image: 18x24).
bullet DUTY FIRST: Capt Steve Pless was awarded the Medal Of Honor and his crew received the Navy Cross for rescuing downed soldiers while under fire on the beach near My Lai.
bulletPickling A Load At Con Thien * : A CH-53 drops an external load in a hurry near OP-1 near the DMZ.  Watercolor: 22x28 (image: 18x24).
bulletHomecoming: F-4s return to Chu Lai after a bombing mission up north.  Watercolor: 22x28 (image: 18x24). 
bulletJump Takeoff Near An Hoa * : Blue Eagle UH-34 pulls out after dropping off troops, with an ever-present UH-1 E providing cover.  Watercolor: 22x28 (image: 18x24). 
bulletEversharp One Charlie * : A CH-46 drops personnel at a mountainside landing point SW of the Rockpile.  Watercolor: 22x28 (image: 18x24). 
bulletAircrew At Work : A CH-46 picking up a recon team during 1969, in the Que Son Mountains, south of Danang, while under fire.  Print from an oil painting; 22x28 (image: 18x24).
bullet Iwo Jima: Common Virtue : A Marine PFC rescues his Platoon Commander atop the quarry area, northeast end of the invasion beach, on February 19, 1945.  He was KIA shortly after, winning a Navy Cross.  Print from oil painting: 22x28 (image: 18x24).


bulletMARINE ONEVH-3D helicopter from HMX-1 leaving the White House landing area.  A commemorative color print marking the 60th anniversary of the Marine Corps' first helicopter squadron.  A print from a watercolor painting.  Image Size 16x20." 
bullet FOSTER NIGHT MEDEVAC: UH-34 spirals down for a night pickup along the Song Thu Bon river during Operation Foster.
bulletMEDINA MEDEVAC: UH-34 Tigers from HMM-361 medevac casualties in Operation Medina during October 1967 from the Hai Lang forest in Quang Tri province
bulletBRONCO AT THUONG DUC : VMO-2 OV-10A "Bronco" in action during Operation Maui Peak.
bulletMUTTER MEDEVAC : HMM-161 CH-46 in a night medevac over hostile Mutter's Ridge near the DMZ. Flares from an overhead C-130 made the operation possible. Original oil painting measured 5"x7". Color prints measure 8"x10".


11"x14" black and white prints from pencil and watercolor renderings.
bullet HMX-1 Helicopters : The first Marine helicopter squadron's fourteen helicopters flown since HMX-1 was formed in 1947.
bulletCH-46 : Chiefly used as a Marine medium transport helo from 1966 through the end of the Vietnam War. Powered with twin turbines. Available in squadron markings HMM-161, 164, 165, 262, 263, 265, 364.
bulletUH-34D : First Marine medium transport helo used in Vietnam from 1962 until 1969. Powered with a single reciprocating engine. Available in squadron markings HMM-161, 162, 163, 263, 361, 362, 363, 364.
bulletCH-53 : Marine heavy lift helicopter used from 1967 through the end of the Vietnam War. Powered by twin turbines. Available in HMH-463 marking
bulletUH-1E : First Marine utility helo used in Vietnam powered by a turbine engine. Was also the first successful gunship. Used throughout the Vietnam War.
bulletAH-1G (Cobra) : First Marine helo built and used purely as a gunship in the Vietnam War from 1971 through the end of the conflict.
bulletCH-37 (Deuce) : First heavy lift Marine helo powered with twin reciprocating engines. Served in Vietnam from 1965 through 1967. Used by MAG-16.


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All art copyrighted. Frames not included with art.  Not to be reproduced without written permission of artist